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Death on the Pier

Published 10th October 2022

This theatrical debut is a delightful murder mystery, perfect for fans of Richard Osman and Anthony Horowitz.

“A proper page-turner”

Ian Moore (Death and Croissants)

"A denouement worthy of Agatha Christie"

Jim Eldridge (Author of the Museum Mysteries series)

“I found myself comparing it to the very best Agatha Christie”

Kemper Donovan (All About Agatha Podcast)

“What an incredible debut mystery”

Peter Boon (Who Killed Miss Finch?)

"Escapist fun from start to finish."

Jamie Bernthal (Author - Queering Agatha Christie)

The Palace Pier Theatre.



Renowned murder mystery playwright Bertie Carroll turns real life detective when his leading lady is shot and killed on stage, in full view of an unsuspecting audience.

Once the curtain falls and the applause subsides, the horrible truth begins to dawn on the cast of suspects backstage. But as motives, secrets and old rivalries begin to come to light, the murderer is still waiting in the wings.

With the help of Chief Detective Hugh Chapman, an old friend from school, Bertie must put his amateur sleuthing skills to the test to unravel the ultimate whodunnit.

The debut novel from Jamie West is set in and around The Palace Pier Theatre in Brighton, a lost theatre, lovingly recreated.

Murder at the Matinee

Published 5th September 2024

Renowned murder mystery playwright Bertie Carroll returns, this time in London's West End, to solve the mystery of an impossible murder and the newspaper advert that preceded it.

Following on from the success of Death on the Pier, gay playwright detective Bertie Carroll returns for the second book in this golden-age-style whodunnit series, set in the exciting world of theatreland in 1930s London.

An unexpected phone call from a rival playwright puts Bertie centre stage in another mystery. Can he help unravel the motive behind a mysterious newspaper advert that boldly declares a murder will take place during a show’s third act? There’s only one problem, there is no murder in the third act of the play!

When a victim is discovered and the police are brought in, Bertie and Inspector Hugh Chapman get thrown awkwardly back together as they both work to find the killer.

The spotlight falls on each suspect in turn and, this time, even Bertie is not above suspicion. But can rivalries and differences be put aside to solve this devious murder?